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Aromatherapy is the modern name given to the ancient art of using pure essential oils to promote wellbeing and counteract disease.  Regular use helps us achieve vibrant good health, energy and an optimistic outlook. Essential oils are the concentrated essences of plants. They are chemically complex and fascinating healers. Essential oils are produced from the many types of aromatic plants including flowers, trees, herbs, shrubs and grasses. They have been called the life force of plants and the hormones of plants. With the human body, essential oils can stimulate hormones or resemble hormone actions.

Aromatherapy treats the whole person, meeting all aspects of their being – physical, mental and spiritual. It works on the physical body through specially designed massage movements to improve circulation and encourage lymph drainage, helping to clear waste and toxins. It affects mental well being though the nervous system bringing about a profound sense of relaxation. Its impact on the spiritual dimension restores the natural flow of energy with the body, allowing an increased awareness of the perfection with each person.

This ultimately allows healing to take place at a number of levels. A regular treatment from an aromatherapist will bring about a dramatic improvement in general health and wellbeing, increased vitality, a noticeable improvement in the condition of the skin and a marked reduction in stress levels, thus enabling the individual to cope with and enjoy life to the maximum. Each treatment will also include a free 15 minute Reiki session.

I have a diploma from the VTCT and I am also certified in Essential Oil Safety, Essentials for a Healthy Skin and Essential Formulation of oil based products and Aqueous Sprays by the Tisserand Institute.